Rules of Business Ethics


Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships.


We care to fulfill our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors, society, humanity and the name of Bayrak Group.

Legal Responsibilities

We carry out our domestic and abroad activities and transactions within the framework of international law and the laws of the Republic of Turkey, and offer complete and apparent information in time towards the regulatory authorities and organizations.

Responsibilities Towards Customers

We work with a customer satisfaction based proactive approach that responds to our customers’ needs and demands as soon as possible. We offer our services on time and on promised terms and approach our customers within the framework of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy rules.

Responsibilities Towards Employees

We ensure that employees’ personal rights are fully and accurately used. We approach our employees fairly and justly, and assure them equal opportunities, a safe and healthy working environment. We show maximum effort for the personal development of our employees.

Responsibilities Towards Suppliers/ Partners

We act fairly and respectfully as it is expected from a good customer and pay due attention to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of costumers, organizations and business partners.

Responsibilities Towards Competitors

We effectively compete only in areas that are legal and ethical avoiding unfair competition.