History & About Us

21750Square Meters working area
130Our employee
8500Yearly solid wood panel production
7200Yearly production of door pans

Tarih, Tarih Biz…


Established by Süleyman Bayrak in Sakarya


In the years when it was first established, our company started to produce lumber and then expanded its production range. Including door production to timber production, Bayrak Group established its first factory which has 4000 square meters closed area.


In parallel with the ongoing customer satisfaction, investments continued and modular furniture production was started.


Domestic market satisfaction has opened the doors of exports and the highest rate of growth has been actualized.


As the continuation of the growth, industrial doors such as door stiles and edge glued panels were added to the manufacturing.


To be able to produce more productive and healthier, the factory has moved to the new factory area of 20.000 square meters in SAKARYA Keresteciler industry area.

Certain Information

  1. Our vision

    To carry out our company activities with the philosophy of total quality management. To move further our leading position in the industry and increase our capacity every day.

  2. Our Mission

    To use our resources in the most efficient way, to produce an environmental friendly, low cost, competitive production while contributing the needs and development of our country.

  3. Our Values

    Occupational health and safety, making the team work continuous and devoted, giving weight to saving, working customer satisfaction oriented, basing on innovation and development and contributing the society.

Occupational Health Policy

To implement international standards in the protection of environmental values with its team of experts, solution partners and subcontractors, working effectively to realize the effective use of natural resources, energy, raw materials and materials, to prevent pollution, to create natural and livable habitats for future generations, supporting recycling as much as possible and raising our employees’ awareness of environmental issues are our occupational health policy.